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What is a Heatmap?

The heatmap feature will show every county displaying the status of your selected wish category (e.g., Rain) on a shaded scale from high to low. In addition, the heatmap turns off all other wishes so that you are looking only at the category for which you activated the heatmap. Activate the feature by clicking the Heatmap button for your selected wish category.

The heatmap will show the whole US as a shaded map displaying where rain is plentiful (in places like Juneau, Seattle, or Louisiana) or sparse (in Nevada, Arizona, or New Mexico).

Notice how the shading on the map corresponds with the shading on the slider control. Armed with this new knowledge, you can simply close the heatmap and move the sliders to exclude the overly wet or dry areas to match your preference. 

You will also notice that the sliders are deactivated when you are looking at the heatmap since the heatmap is not changeable. Once you add a second wish to your wishlist, you'll have a new feature, JUST THIS, whereby you can see the whole map and change it dynamically.