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What does the "Just This" button do?

The "Just This" button is perhaps the best and easiest way to establish limits for each wish category.

Like the heatmap, the Just This button temporarily turns off all your other wishes so that you can focus on that single wish category - Just This.

To activate the Just This feature, just click the button for your select wish category.

Unlike the heatmap, however, with the Just This button, you can dynamically change the map by moving the sliders or making other adjustments for your select category. That way, when, for example, you want more rain than where you live, but want less rain than Seattle (sorry, Seattle-ites, not trying to pick on you), you can adjust the sliders until your home county and Seattle are no longer highlighted. 

Just click the Just This button once again to turn off the feature. Presto! You’ve set your wishes for a category.