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What if some of my wishes are more important than others (aka "High Priority" feature)?

Let's face it, there are preferences and there are PREFERENCES! Some wishes plainly matter more than others. In our example below, you may not want Earthquakes, high Income Taxes, Summer Mugginess, or Snow, but you do want lots of Sunny Days.

Perhaps most of those are nice-to-haves, but Snow and Summer Mugginess are non-negotiables for you. Notice in the map below there are still lots of close matches in the Rockies (snow), and in Florida and the Gulf Coast (summer mugginess). Oops!

To make sure those non-negotiables are considered, simply select either the "High Priority" button or the Star symbol for the wishes you want to be elevated in importance. Both buttons do the same thing. They amplify the weighting (importance) of those wishes relative to the others.

When you activate the "High Priority" feature for Summer Mugginess and Snow, notice how all the Rocky Mountain (snow) locations and the Florida/Gulf Coast (summer mugginess) regions are no longer close matches.

Please remember to use features like "High Priority" sparingly. Not everything can be a high priority. If you do make all your wishes High Priority, since they are amplified, it will yield the same result as if none of the wishes are high priority. Remember, this changes the RELATIVE weighting between your various wishes.