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What if I like where I currently live?

First of all, CONGRATULATIONS! We want everyone to be in a place where they are content. We would only ask, are you sure there isn't something even better?

What if there was a place just like where you live, but with lower taxes? Or less crime? Or less mugginess? Or cleaner air or water? You get the idea.

To help you explore the possibilities, we've created a wishlist feature called "By Example." So instead of selecting a long list of wishes, just select the By Example tab and add your current city/county.

Let's use Los Angeles for this example.

Now you just need to select the wish categories that are important to you. Either desirable wishes that define LA for you (e.g., sunshine, proximity to the seacoast, etc.) or wishes that you think could be improved (e.g., income taxes, home prices, earthquakes, etc.)

You'll notice that when you select a wish category, we have already filled in the limits since we know the current settings for Los Angeles, and we're looking for a match, right?!

So what if we made a few adjustments? Maybe we can compromise in some places - like a little further from the beach, a few less sunny days. But on the upside, we are wishing for a very small earthquake risk, zero state income tax, and home prices nearly half of those in LA. Are there places like that? Here are the results:

Of course, this is only a hypothetical to demonstrate a feature. Florida has its own detractors like humidity and hurricanes. Nevertheless, you can use your current location as a starting point and see what may be a better fit - if there is one.

If you conclude that where you are is the best place to be, we reiterate our opening CONGRATULATIONS! We're so happy for you!