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How do I navigate and use the different categories and controls?

To help, we've provided a plethora (when was the last time you heard that word used, eh amigo?) of categories from which you can choose. Some will be more important to you than others. Here's some wisdom to help you with the selection process:

1. Start by adding a wish - select a category that matters to you, for example, Weather>Rain

2. Simply move one of the slider controls left or right to activate the category. As you move the slider, you will notice the map change along with the number of counties matching your criteria. Counties that fail to meet your criteria are no longer dark blue. Those that are close to your requirement are lighter blue in color. As you change the slider setting or add new category requirements, the number of matching counties will continually shrink. 

3. Not every control is a slider bar. Some allow a limited number of selection buttons. Such is the case for "Summer Mugginess" below. Simply select the conditions that match your wishes and the map will dynamically update. 

4. One of the more complex controls is tied to the MIT Living Wage Calculator. For the data to make sense for your situation, you'll need to input your conditions as either single or married, one or two working, and the number of children. . 

5. When you activate either the "Affordability" or "Typical Expenses" wishes, they will have your family situation imbedded in their calculations.