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Why should I share my results? - Top 10 reasons

The celebrated English author Charlotte Bronte once wrote:

“Happiness quite unshared can scarcely be called happiness.” 

And since finding your happy place is our goal, it seems like sharing is a natural and even necessary extension. 

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OK, so maybe this isn’t as share-worthy as having a baby, but there are tons of reasons to share what you are contemplating. Here are our top ten (drum roll, please):

 10.  Friends may have factors in mind you haven't considered.

   9.  Others may have insights or strong opinions about your favorite places you won’t hear unless you ask.

   8.  They may get excited, especially if you are moving closer.

   7.  Who knows, maybe they want to move too – now you can consider locations with them in mind.

   6.  If you want to visit favorite locations, you may have found a house-sitter, a dog-sitter, or even a travel companion!

   5.  Why explore alone when others can research and explore right along with you? The more, the merrier!

   4.  You’re going to have to tell them sooner or later (if you move, that is), so why wait?

   3.  If you share with your CPA, find out if any related travel would be a write-off. Cha-CHING!

   2.  If they insist on you staying where you are, at least you’ll know you’re loved.

   1.  They won’t be surprised when you ask them to help you pack!  😉

Bonus reason #11: If you want to turn your favorite locations into a road trip, you’re already lining up pit stops along the way!

We’ve tried to make it easy to share via email or social media, so get crackin’ and start lining up those pitstops!

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